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Just DOGS 1-2-1 Training and Problem Solving are services offered to dogs and owners who wish to experience a more personal service. Ideal for those handlers or pooches that lack confidence and especially those experiencing training problems such as: Puppy Biting, Pulling on the Lead, Jumping Up, Barking, Recall, House Training and much more. We have so many solutions that can help you and your dog and after having a chat over the phone we can arrange to come and meet you at your house or out on location depending on the problems you are having. With some cases one visit isn't enough to help fix your problem and we can discuss follow-on visits and support with a training plan to help you. Dog training is about consistency, patience, fun and game playing. Just DOGS has over 10 years experience of working with all types of dogs and their problems, from puppies to rescue dogs, multi-dog households or dogs that have developed undesirable behaviours. So you can have confidence  that Just DOGS is the right choice for you and your dog. Our motto is 'it's all about the dog' and for us they come first, there is always a solution sometimes we just need help with being pointed in the right direction!

To Book a Consultation:


It is always useful to get as much background information as possible about your dog, the issues, your set-up and your family. So we normally kick off our consultation with a telephone call to establish the facts. We know you all love to talk about your dog/dogs but during this call we will ask certain questions that will arm us and you with the right tools to get you on track. Once we have had a chat we can then book in your consultation with a time and date to suit. Our initial meetings usually last just over an hour or two depending on the issues and we can agree any follow-up consultations at that time. Before we meet we will ask you to fill out our booking form that you can find on our booking page so that we are covered by our insurance and it's as simple as that. You can then start to build that great relationship with your dog in the knowledge that our experience will get you on the right path.


Just DOGS Training


Just DOGS is a fully insured dog training school, with qualified and experienced trainers.

With new puppies and rescue dogs a lot of environments can be really difficult for them to learn in, what you will get with our 1-2-1 Consultations our resources and a training plan to take away and practice and build up into more difficult environments. So therefore do not put any pressure on your dogs during the training sessions, we DO NOT USE PUNITIVE PUNISHMENT, CHOKE CHAINS, E-COLLARS and to be honest hate EXTENDABLE LEADS! We are POSITIVE trainers who love working with dogs and we hope you will enjoy the

journey with your dog and with us.

Just DOGS Training


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