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Just 'SCENT' DOGS offer Workshops covering three aspects of scent-work, Active, Passive and Man-Trailing. Have you ever watched service dogs in their job, hunting out the drugs or explosives or finding people? Here at Just Dogs we teach you and your dog those exact methods! Little Sniffers Workshops  will involve training your dog to recognise the target scent, teaching you to understand how scent works, moves and contaminates plus how to understand the signals your dog will be sending.


On completing a Just SCENT DOGS Sniffers Workshop you will become a member of the Scent-Work Club which will provide exciting opportunities, including Scent-Walks, to practice and develop on a regular basis...


Ultimately there will be fun competitions and an opportunity to progress regionally and further...

Active Search - Just DOGS Little Sniffers


The fundamentals of this workshop is to introduce your dog to a scented article (Catnip), hide the article and have your dog find it, retrieve it and bring it back to your hand. Sounds simple, well once you can put all these elements together, dogs love playing this game. In this course we start with the basics and build the dog up in their own time making the hides harder as you progress. Moving onto more difficult environments with more distractions. If you can motivate your dog enough the scent itself becomes so rewarding that they focus so hard on the article they ignore everything else around them, this could include rabbits! You will be provided with an information pack,  a scented article, some Catnip, gloves and once you have completed the course you will then be invited onto our Scent Work Club. You will get to meet other people, practise in different environments, woodlands, inside buildings, farms, vehicle searches and much more.

The great thing about this sport is you can practise anywhere your imagination will let you. This is some of the best training you will find for mentally working your dog, so what are you waiting for book now!

Passive Search - Just DOGS Little Sniffers


On this workshop we ask our dogs to find the hidden scent (Kong, progressing onto Gun Oil) and once they have found it they must then indicate by pushing their nose onto the scent. This is a very precise skill but is amazing fun and every day our dogs amaze us with this talent. We will take you through the very basics of introducing your dog to Passive Searches. When working dogs are trained to find drugs they use this exact same method and we use the latest scientific thinking behind training this skill. As your dog develops this skill and a strong indication we will move onto blind searches. This is where you as the handler doesn't know where the scent is hidden, so it is then up to you to work as a great team with your dog and trust them when they indicate on the scent, once you have successfully mastered this a few times you really will be flying. As part of this workshop you will be provided with an information pack, scented articles, gloves and a certification on completion. You will need to provide for the training session a red kong (medium size will be fine). Once you have completed the workshop you will then be invited to the Scent Work Club where you can progress with your new found skills, practice and get support.

What's Next:


Firstly you may want to have a chat with us about your dog and where you are up to on your training. All dogs are suitable for these courses regardless of size, age or breed but we do require your dog to have a certain level of obedience to fully get the most out of the workshops.


Check out our facebook page and click the events tab to view available workshops and then pop over to our booking page to book onto them. The  workshop are full days and include both Passive and Active, so you will need to bring some lunch and plenty of snacks for your dog. We also suggest bringing a bed/mat for your dog to crash on. The course will involve mainly practical but will have elements of theory as well. We look forward to meeting you.



Just DOGS Training




Active and Passive Workshop

Marholm Village Hall






You will find car parking right outside the venue through the wooden gate to the Village Hall.


Other events will vary in venue stay tuned in to our facebook page to get these details.

Just DOGS Training


Just DOGS is a fully insured dog training school, with qualified and experienced trainers. We aim to run all our courses on time and therefore  expect all course participants to arrive 5 mins early so that we can start on time. Unless weather conditions are too extreme all courses will run (let's face it puppy/dog still needs walking/working). We do not offer any refunds if you miss a session and would always ask that if you cannot attend a session to let us know at your earliest convenience. If you have booked your course and need to cancel we do please ask that you give us a weeks notice, we often have waiting lists and this gives us a chance to fill the course.


With new puppies and rescue dogs a lot of environments can be really difficult for them to learn in, what you will get in our courses are games and resources to take away and practice and build up into more difficult environments. So therefore do not put any pressure on your dogs during the training sessions, we DO NOT USE PUNITIVE PUNISHMENT, CHOKE CHAINS, E-COLLARS and to be honest hate FLEXIBLE LEADS! We are POSITIVE trainers who love working with dogs and we hope you will enjoy the journey with your dog and with us.

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