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Course Overview:


The Just DOGS Follow-On Courses are the next level after you have completed our Beginner Course. We believe that dog training is on-going just like it is for ourselves and this course helps you take the next step. You have worked through some fundamentals and your relationship is growing, but now puppy or rescue dog is gaining some great confidence and this sometimes can pose some new questions. For example, recall is starting to go out of the window or maybe some of your dogs predatory action sequence is developing and maybe chase problems are becoming an issue? In this course we tackle some more in-depth training games like impulse control, difficult stays with distractions, difficult recalls, harder leave it's and improved loose lead walking. How many times are you out and your dog sees a rabbit and off they go without a care in the world for you? Well this course will start to give you the tools to help your dog learn a bit more self-control in a variety of situations and build your confidence to enable you to enjoy those awesome walks with your four legged pal. On completion of this course you will receive a certificate and invitation to further courses and workshops.

What you and your Dog will Learn:


Hopefully by now you have a better understanding of what motivates your dog. It could be food, toys or just yourself. How can you start to use those motivators to get more out of your dog and build on for that next level training. Our course covers a range of activities to help with:


Roaming Recalls

Distraction Recalls

Introduction to Chase Recalls (Premack)

Strong Leaves (the things you really don't want your dog to get!)

Stays with distractions

Waits in front (Dog up ahead you need them to stop quickly)

Loose Lead walking - focus on you and not the environment

Crash Mats - Help your dog chill anywhere, anytime

Impulse Control

What's Next:


Hopefully we have already met and worked with you through your Puppy/Adult Beginner Course. If that's the case pop along to our facebook page and click the events tab and check in for the next available date to book onto the follow-on.


If you haven't attended our Puppy/Adult Beginner Course then contact us via our contact page where we will be happy to discuss with you your training plans.


Use our booking page to book onto the course where you will need to complete a simple form to confirm your place and you can either pay using our secure PayPal or cash please, on the first session.

Just DOGS Training




South Bretton Playing Fields, Ringwood, Peterborough



Take the turning into Ringwood and turn right straight away. You will come to what looks like a footpath but is the road to the car park. Signposted.

Just DOGS Training


Just DOGS is a fully insured dog training school, with qualified and experienced trainers. We aim to run all our courses on time and therefore  expect all course participants to arrive 5 mins early so that we can start on time. Unless weather conditions are too extreme all courses will run (let's face it puppy/dog still needs walking/working). We do not offer any refunds if you miss a session and would always ask that if you cannot attend a session to let us know at your earliest convenience. If you have booked your course and need to cancel we do please ask that you give us a weeks notice, we often have waiting lists and this gives us a chance to fill the course.


With new puppies and rescue dogs a lot of environments can be really difficult for them to learn in, what you will get in our courses are games and resources to take away and practice and build up into more difficult environments. So therefore do not put any pressure on your dogs during the training sessions, we DO NOT USE PUNITIVE PUNISHMENT, CHOKE CHAINS, E-COLLARS and to be honest hate FLEXIBLE LEADS! We are POSITIVE trainers who love working with dogs and we hope you will enjoy the journey with your dog and with us.

Just DOGS Training


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