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Justine is a qualified and experienced trainer, but also just loves dogs. Over the years Justine has worked with many different breeds of all ages with many different experiences and so doesn't just walk your dog, but plays, trains and cares for your dog as if they are her own. With her wingman, Chumley, they have many adventures in and around Peterborough so no two walks are the same. Finding somebody you can trust is hard and all of Justine's clients wouldn't go anywhere else. Before agreeing to walk your dog, we need to know a bit of information for instance: What are their recalls like? Do they get on with other dogs and people? Do they travel well in a car? and... Are there any issues that are important and specific to your dog? before we can agree to walk your dog, all relevant information MUST be conveyed, even if embarrassing!! Justine specialises in working with difficult dogs, sometimes these dogs may need extra support and may not be able to be taken out with other dogs initially. If this is the case your and your dogs requirements will be priced fairly but accordingly. Whatever your needs please get in touch via our contact form to have a chat and Justine can sort out the right package for you. Take a look at our Spot DOG Patch Facebook Page where you can see our adventures.

Just DOGS Training


Just DOGS is a fully insured dog training school, with qualified and experienced trainers.  We reserve the right to cancel any contract we have with you if the dog's behaviour causes harm or is a danger. In these extreme cases we will offer an alternative training solution and support your dog through their journey. We expect all dogs to be fully vaccinated, insured, micro chipped and wear an identity badge. We DO NOT USE PUNITIVE PUNISHMENT, CHOKE CHAINS, E-COLLARS and to be honest hate EXTENDABLE LEADS!

 We are POSITIVE trainers who love working with dogs and we hope you will enjoy the journey with your dog and with us.

Just DOGS Training


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