Just DOGS Training


Puppy/Adult Beginner Courses

Follow-On Courses

Scent Workshops

A fun game based course covering all beginner aspects over a

5 week course

On the next level up we tackle more tricky situations and common problems over a 4 week course

Using the dogs most formidable asset ‘the nose’, these amazing animals can detect target scents and it’s loads of fun for us too!

Impulse/Motivation Clinics

1-2-1 Consultations

Behaviour Modification

Does your dog not know how/want to play, love inappropriate chasing or just lack focus? Then these clinics are for you

Just DOGS can provide 1-2-1 training bespoke to your needs this might be basic training, problem solving or specialist activities

Behaviour Modification Programmes are for dogs with issues including Nervous, Aggressive, Compulsive and Obsessive Behaviour.

Just DOGS Sports Day

Fun Agility/Flyball

Dog Walking

This fun annual event. Are you competitive, up for a laugh and

a challenge?

Available weekly to dogs of  all levels of experience and obedience. A fun, friendly and relaxed environment

Not enough hours in the day or hours a home? The Just DOGS walking service will stimulate your dog both physically and mentally

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