About Us:

Justine is the head trainer at Just DOGS and studied the Alpha Education Course 'Think Dog!' achieved a Diploma in Canine Psychology with 'Distinction' and delivers non-punitive dog training courses, workshops, and much more. With her wingman, Chumley, a 5 year old Border Collie, life is pretty much dogs, dogs and more dogs. All courses and workshops are created based on over 10 years experience working with many different breeds with all kinds of behaviour issues. Justine has had the privilege of owning many different rescue dogs herself, each one providing different challenges with unique characters. Each day we learn more about dogs through experience and science, and yet still as humans under estimate these amazing animals. Therefore dog training has developed massively over the last few years and we are still learning. Justine takes particular pride in keeping up-to-date and consistently reviews the courses making sure we are always helping the dog in the best possible way and continuing her own Professional Development. When Justine isn't working other people's dogs she is usually found working Chumley in scentwork and has been successfully competing in Scentwork UK Trials. Justine loves a challenge and putting her skills to the test and will also provide an honest review. For Justine 'it's all about the dog' it's as simple as that. Please do get in contact for any dog training requirements you need always happy to chat and support you and your best four legged friend.


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